Car Data Check / HPI CHECK | Check for Vehicle history: Comparison of the top Data Checking companies
    is the car you are about to buy, stolen?
    is the car you are about to buy, an insurance write off?
    is the car you are about to buy, oweing finance?
    is the car you are about to buy, the car they say it is?
    ...are you prepared to take that chance?
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Below is a list of the top car vehicle history check providers in the UK...

 Vehicle Check 
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Mycarcheck offers  the best value for money if you are checking a single car and you don't need to check the Finance details. I Have voted this no #2 as you get pretty much everything else all for under a tenner. They seem to be pretty reliable and get all their data from a reliable source e.g. DVLA. The other feature they give is a car valuation, which I thought was pretty handy as you get a car check as well as an idea on what the car's market value is.
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AutoCheck is one of the top vehicle history checking companies online. They offer more than what other online sites including a finance check, and they give a 30K check guarantee - if they are at fault they will pay out.
Autocheck offer an excellent service allowing you to choose to check a single vehicle (for 19.99) or 5 for 25 - That means you get a full check for just 5. This is a full report that includes all the important checks, including the Finance Data - and if you are considering checking more than one car, then this is an excellent deal.  So by paying just 5 more above their single vehicle check, the cost per check goes down significantly – and when you are buying a car, the chances are that you will have more than one car on your shortlist. Auto Check gets our 5 star rating, and no #1 vote for most value for money for the comprehensive check you get and multiple check discount given.


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This data is provided by Autotrader (Trader Data Systems, TDS), They also give a car valuation free with their report to tell the customer an approximate value the car in the current marketplace depending on the the age/mileage of the car.
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The HPI Check provides the most comprehensive check - they give you every last bit of data or check they can get their hands on. However this is also reflected in the price - it is the most expensive check. However, don't let that put you off because if you are buying an expensive car, this fee is insignificant. I would only opt for this check if I was about to buy a very expensive car..
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AA Car check gives you all the main checks that you would need to make an informed decision about a vehicle. However, it does not provide information on vehicle valuation or document check and it is slightly cheaper than the HPI check. If you are thinking of spending this kind of money, I suggest you pay the extra 2.95 and get the full HPI check
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RAC obtains its data from HPI Check, their check is fairly comprehensive and is quite good value at 24.99. The RAC report omits certain checks that the HPI report gives - check our Features Matrix and view the sample reports.
View Sample Report is a portal into the Trade Account area and available only to Traders. If you are in the trade, consider this servce,
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KwickFit gets its data from MyCarCheck,  See comments above.
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This company sources its information from HPI CHECK, it only offers a 10, 000 guarantee if the check is proven to be incorrect.  This is cheaper than the actual HPI Check. Please see the sample reports.
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CarWebIT provide all the information that you would require except mileage and finance checks. The report style I thought was a little "all over the place" and difficult to read. However the information is there and for 4.95 you can't complain.
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MotorDataCheck only give you part of the information for 5.99 if you want more checks like : Insurance, finance, and mileage  check, you are required to pay up to 19.99.


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Ebay will give you a cheap check, by the look of it you can only check cars purchased through ebay - and even then the facility is not available on all the listed cars. In my opinion, its better to go for one of the more established companies that specialise in Car History checks.



Risks of buying a used vehicle?
If you are buying a cheap or expensive used car, caravan, boat, motor-home or motorbike from 100 to 100 000 you need to ask yourself  one question - "Does the the vehicle have any hidden history that affects your purchase?" This includes outstanding finance - ie., money is still owed on it,  or it  has been an insurance write-off,  or it has been reported Stolen, or it has been "clocked",  or "cloned". Read in more detail
How can I avoid making these mistakes?
In the past there has never been any method of checking what you are buying before you buy. purchases were made on good faith - on the "word" of the seller that the car you were about to purchase was legitimate and a good purchase. Now there is a way to protect your self before you spend thousands and get stung.  For some time now there has been an online facility that allows you to make quick and easy checks on the car you are about to purchase.  This is commonly referred to as an "HPI check" which, although is a Trade Mark. of the HPI company, is used to refer to a "Car Data Check Service".  This kind of service is now in fact provided by many different organisations as well.

What is an HPI  or Car data/ history Check?

Why would I check a car prior to buying?
You need to do a Car Data Check on the car your are about to purchase to make sure it has no past history or to find out its origin. The leading car data checking company is in fact called HPI Ltd. There are other companies that offer similar checking services - giving varying degrees of information, drawn from the databases that are used by the Police, DVLA and major UK insurance companies.  

How can I check the car I am about to buy?
Depending on the information you wish to know, you should choose a Data Checking service by using the information on this site as an aid.  You will usually be required to enter the registration number of the vehicle into the website and give some personal details and make payment. That's all! You'll get the report almost instantly.

By purchasing a report you will find out, very cheaply, if there are any discrepancies with the car, which could save you spending hundreds if not thousands of pounds on a car that may either be recorded as stolen, an insurance write-off, has outstanding finance owing, or has a mileage discrepancy.

Different ways of checking
You can do a check online and with some companies, also by phone.

1. An Online Vehicle History Check
Checking online is a great for users who want to do a quick check on the car instantly over the internet. The service is available 24 hours a day,  7 days a week.

2. Vehicle History Check by telephone
Checking by phone is only possible with some companies, and unlike the online service, is not available 24hour a day. If you would rather deal with a real person, you can call in - but be prepared to spend a little extra for the personal touch. Most companies give you access to their sales team through a local rate "0845" telephone number and whilst the availability is not 24hours it is quite good giving you access on Sundays and bank holidays. Actual time and availability varies between companies.

How easy is it to do a Vehicle History Check?
The online method is very easy, there are just a few simple steps to follow, usually you would enter the vehicle registration details, enter your details and make payment.

What information do I need for a Vehicle History Check?
Before you start your check, you need to the Vehicle Registration number.  It is also useful to know some details about the car so you can check the report and see if the details provided by the seller match the official records as stated in the Vehicle History Check report. You will also need your credit card to pay for the service, payment is required before the report will be issued to you.
What do I get in the report?
Every company gives a different level of information, most include the basic information to let you make an informed decision.  However, when you need specific information, such as outstanding finance, you may have to choose from fewer suppliers as not all companies include this check.  For more details see our Reports Matrix.  You can also see sample reports.
What does an vehicle History Check report look like?
We have taken sample report from all the leading companies and provided them on this website. You may also inspect the reports directly on their website. 
What does the report cost?
The price of the report varies between suppliers and is usually linked to the amount of information that they supply.  Check our Reports Matrix to see what you get for your money.
FREE HPI or Vehicle History Check?
If you are looking for a free HPI or Vehicle Data Check, your search is over.  No company can offer you a free HPI or Car Data Check because the information in the report is gathered from several companies who charge for that information.
What happens if the information in the report is inaccurate.
Most of the Data Checking Companies are credible and established businesses and source their reports data from information taken from the Police, DVLA and insurance companies databases. Some companies provide an insurance cover - so they cover you on your purchase up to their specified limit.  See Reports Matrix for full details.
Victims of car fraud
Are you the victim of car fraud?  We'd like to hear your story and with your permission, publish it to this website because we want to stamp out rouge traders.
Read what other people have told us.

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